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Water Drops
Vehicle Cleaning

In a world dominated by social media and extreme graphics, a truck, tractor trailer or commercial delivery van acts as a moving billboard, creating increased visibility for your company.

Your fleet of vehicles give potential customers their first impression of your company when seen on the road and when arriving at a client's site. A filthy vehicle does more to dissuade potential customers than you can imagine. A clean vehicle represents quality and pride. Check out our Before and After Photo Gallery to see exactly what we mean.


Whether your fleet consists of large tractor trailers or small vans, clean vehicles scream success in a highly competitive marketplace. If you own 1 vehicle or 100, contact Rochester Power Wash for a custom designed cleaning program that will put your company on the road to success.


Water Reclamation
Rochester Power Wash uses state-of-the-art water reclamation equipment to address any environmental concerns. We are fully equipped to collect all wash water from your site using a specialized vacuum system that literally creates a seal with the surface and draws all water into a separator tank. Then we handle the waste according to local government guidelines.

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