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Industrial Cleaning

You name it and we have probably done it…and done it better than anyone else around. Over the years, we have cleaned food processing tanks, manufacturing and processing equipment, concrete floors, ceilings and much, much more. Check out our Before and After Photo Gallery.

Equipment that is properly, periodically and professionally cleaned will have lower maintenance costs, minimal downtime and longer operating life. Your employees will be more productive and take greater pride in their work when they are working in a cleaner environment.


These days, we are more sensitive to environmental issues than ever before. That's why Rochester Power Wash offers on-site water reclamation services. We are fully equipped to collect all wash water from your site using a specialized vacuum system that literally creates a seal with the surface and draws all water into a separator tank. Then we handle the waste according to local government guidelines.


Give us your toughest cleaning job and watch us make everything-inside and out-really shine!

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